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Facebook CAPI & GDPR WordPress plugin.

100% functional CAPI and GDPR 2022 WordPress plugin

Choose an easy, fast, and cheap solution over an expensive developer´s work thanks to the Wooacademy solution plugin. Set up your Facebook pixel, Facebook conversion API, and cover GDPR with one plugin.


Swap paying huge money to developers for a simple and fast solution thanks to the Wooacademy plugin.

Wooacademy solution plugins for WordPress.

Plugin for Facebook pixel and events

Facebook pixel
Facebook events as content view, add to cart, purchase….

4.90 €

Facebook CAPI settings

Facebook CAPI
Facebook events (conversions) for e-shops

89 €

Domain verification

Facebook domain verification for conversion settings for iOS14

29 €

EU GDPR 2022

Cookie settings
Automatic deletion
GDPR text

89 €

What can the Wooacademy solution plugin for WordPress do?

  • Facebook pixel and conversion settings – just entering the Facebook pixel ID will automatically set the pixel and as well as the conversion events (View Content, Add To Cart, Initiate Checkout, Purchase, etc.).
  • Facebook Conversion API settings – inserting the token API will automatically set up Facebook CAPI with conversions.
  • Facebook Conversion API testing – the plugin contains a box in which you enter the test code and easily verify the functionality of the API.
  • Domain verification for Facebook – simply insert a meta-tag to verify the domain for Facebook. You can then set up conversions for iOS14.
  • GDPR settings – cookiebar, cookie settings, automatic requests to delete personal data by simple plugin settings. The texts are pre-filled.

Why Wooacademy Solution plugin?

  • Easy installation – after purchase, you can simply download and install the plugin just like any other.
  • Easy setup – for automatic Facebook Pixel setup, API, testing, and domain verification, all you need is a Facebook Pixel API, Facebook API token, and HTML tag for domain verification.
  • Complete instructions for installation, setup, and testing – after purchasing the plugin, you will receive an email with a complete procedure on how to install the plugin, set it up, and test its functionality.
  • Installation and support included – in case you don´t feel like installing the plugin yourself, just e-mail us to, and we will set it up and test it for you (you pay nothing extra).
  • Facebook API Testing directly in the plugin – don’t you know if you have set up the Facebook conversion API correctly? Master Plugin for Facebook Conversion Tracking may help. Simply enter the test code to see whether the Facebook API has been running properly.
  • GDPR – the plugin also includes a comprehensive GDPR setting for the European Union. You simply set cookies and cookiebar, the texts are pre-filled. It also includes the deletion of data if requested.
  • One of a kind – the only plugin on the market that allows you to set up a Facebook pixel, Facebook API, verify a domain, and set GDPR at the same time.

What is Facebook pixel good for?

Thanks to the Facebook pixel, you may target your campaigns to people who have already visited your website, and well-adjusted conversion events (Facebook events), may help you also target your ad to people who have left their baskets on your page without finishing the order.

Facebook pixel is a must-have for anyone who creates and manages Facebook and Instagram campaigns and wants to take them to the next level!

However, its setup can meet with many technical and unexpected problems. From the fact that the pixel is inactive, to the crash of the web page itself if inserted incorrectly.

Therefore, we have created a plugin for you, easy to install and after entering the Facebook pixel ID, you will set up the pixel, and conversion events (Facebook events) such as view content, add to cart, purchases, and others.

Why should you have Facebook CAPI?

Facebook conversion API helps improve the performance and measurement of your Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Unlike a Facebook Pixel, data are sent from the server level.

Setting up a Facebook CAPI is technically challenging, and the input of a developer is needed. Not even every developer knows how to proceed, so you can end up paying hundreds of euros for underqualified services.

Often, setting up the Facebook conversion API is accompanied by technical problems causing the tool not to work at all, or it is measuring your conversions dually (instead of one purchase two are detected) leading to a lot of chaos in analytics.

It is also difficult to measure the correct settings of the Facebook API. We have included this query and prepared an easy way for you to test the API settings directly in the plugin. This way you can immediately verify that your data is being written correctly and that the API is active.


What is Facebook domain verification good for?

Facebook domain verification is important for setting up conversions for iOS14.

You need to contact your developer to verify your domain. However, our plugin will verify it automatically. All you have to do is copy the meta-tag and paste it into the appropriate box in the plug-in and you will have the domain verified.

Do you have a unique solution and need to set up a Facebook Pixel, verify a domain, or set up a Conversion API? Contact us! 

Cookies GDPR plugin 2022

  • It’s not just about the cookiebar (it’s basically the least important thing).
  • It’s about whether cookies are truly collected if someone doesn’t accept them.
  • The plugin, as required by law, does not collect any cookies (other than necessary) until the website visitor accepts them.
  • The plugin complexly covers cookies in terms of GA, GTM, Pixel, CAPI, contact forms, and the right to delete personal data.
  • We developed the plugin in cooperation with lawyers and top programmers.
  • The solution is tailor-made for our clients and the needs of performance marketing in conjunction with the new GDRP Regulation valid since 1.2.2022.

Look inside the plugin.

What are wooacademy plugins?

Plugins from the Wooacademy which help you easily set up even advanced and technically challenging settings without the need for programming.

Simplicity is the power.

Our plugins are extremely easy to understand and adjust. If you do not know how to deal with them, let us know. We will be happy to help you with the installation and setup.

You know you need to change something, but you don’t know what? Contact us!